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WE Team is here to provide you with whatever services you need to make your business life simpler.
For some, this may be a few hours a week researching potential business leads.  For others, this might be a full time position carrying out all your back office tasks.  WE can design a service offering specific to your business, the skills required, and your budget.


WE Team was formed to meet your administrative, marketing and book-keeping needs cost effectively, while helping people in genuine hardship.



WE can undertake as many of your office management and admin tasks as you require; whether it includes calendar management, travel bookings, answering web enquiries, updating and managing customer databases, booking new business, generating new business leads, or inventory ordering and management.

Online Shopping


WE Team includes experts in Google Adwords and Facebook campaigns including keyword searches, setting up Google Analytics and Facebook pixels. WE can design and implement marketing campaigns, analyse competitor’s campaigns, and report on results.

Office Work


Keeping your accounts up to date can be the most time-consuming of all business tasks.  WE Team have Xero experts on board to create and send invoices, enter expenses, reconcile bank accounts, generate quotes and manage payroll and inventory.

customer service


Have a one off project that you need extra assistance with?  WE Team can provide project managers to help you reach your targets on time and budget.



WE know what being a business owner is like.  WE know how hard it is to put time aside to handle the basic operational requirements of running a business because you are too busy growing your top line revenue.  WE know how difficult the decision is to bring on an employee when sometimes you can’t even pay yourself.

How do we know this?  WE’ve been there.  WE’ve walked in your shoes.

WE Team was the brainchild of two entrepreneurs, each trying to build their small businesses but finding themselves up at night handling all the mundane but necessary tasks, or trying to upskill themselves on new social and other marketing methods.

Working with an amazing virtual assistant in the Philippines, the entrepreneurs realized that this was a service that other business owners would love to have access to – if they could be sure of the quality of the expertise – and that in the process, WE could change people’s lives, both in NZ and the Philippines.

A collaboration between these two visionary entrepreneurs and their amazing assistant, WE Team was formed as a social enterprise reinvesting its 50% of its profits into our WE Team community in the Philippines, through direct dividends and micro-finance.



Don’t take our word for it.  Read what others have to say about WE Team, and if you want to chat to anyone in person, just let us know.  WE’d be happy to make that happen.



Admail engaged WE Team services 12 months ago.  Pretty much a one person business, with contractors bought in as required, the day to day admin was distracting the owner from new business development and sales activity.
” Admail engaged Don to take over my quoting and booking activities, basic administrative work and Google Adwords.  All are vital to keep my business going but were taking too much time out of my day.  Since Don joined my team, I’ve been able to increase significantly the number of hours spend developing new business, and revenues have increased as a result – best of all, so has our net profit!”


WE are a team of committed, experienced, specialists in office administration, book-keeping, Google Adwords, SEO and Facebook marketing.

WE are led by our NZ founders, Philip McDonald and Kate O’Leary and our Filipino founder, Maridon Partosa.

Philip and Kate are small business owners based in Auckland.  They come from professional backgrounds – Philip was an accountant and investment banker before moving to New Zealand and purchasing a small logistics company.  Kate has been everything from a lawyer, to a management consultant, to a cocktail creator, to an independent director, to a network marketer, to a mentor and coach.  Wanting to spend more time during the week with their daughters, they found themselves putting off the necessary daily admin until late at night, spending evenings at the dining table on their computers. Spending too much time working in their businesses instead of on them.

A friend recommended Maridon as a virtual assistant and between them, Philip and Kate could employ her for 40 hours a week.  Maridon is an accomplished VA who recently celebrated the arrival of twin boys.  It was during this time that Philip and Kate realised how difficult life could be in the Philippines and proposed a new business opportunity to her.

In 2017, WE Team was created as a social enterprise, with 50% of the profits being returned to the WE Team community. Half of this will be returned as direct dividends, while the other half will be retained by the WE Trust and lent to WE Team contractors (on a no interest basis) in order to encourage upskilling and cover unexpected expenses.


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